A tradition of being oriented towards the future

At NORDPFEIL, tradition and experience are central corporate values. They are closely linked to the members of staff, most of whom remain connected with the company for many years, some even across generations within families. This bond represents a true asset for NORDPFEIL, because this way knowledge revolving around development phases and production processes stays constantly maintained and retained within operations. Proven know-how in manufacturing is passed on, innovations and developments are continually integrated into workflows.

Nordpfeil_Architektur-06As aspects of a modern corporate alignment, ecology and sustainability have always been deeply rooted and firmly established at NORDPFEIL. The production buildings were assimilated harmoniously into the landscape. As a result, as far back as 1969 the facility had already been commended by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and Urban Development in the course of the national competition entitled “Industry in the Landscape”. To this day NORDPFEIL continues to pursue ‘tried and true’ ecological standards during production.

Since its creation as Norddeutsche Teppichfabrik, a North German carpetworks founded in 1951, the company has lived through an era of variety and change, albeit most recently a difficult time as well. With the purchase of the brand, and the acquisition of production by Vorwerk & Co. Teppichwerke GmbH & Co. KG 1 February 2014, the traditional carpet brand was an economic consolidation allows the beginning of 2015 carried out a strategic realignment.

Under the claim “A New Beginning” NORDPFEIL is starting a new chapter in its corporate history. The fresh look of the revised corporate design now presents the company’s extensive carpet collections from their best side. With committed employees, high-quality products, and relationships with business partners based on mutual trust, this manufacturer that takes pride in tradition is looking optimistically towards the future.